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Airbus officially opens A220 facility in the USA

Airbus has expanded its production capabilities in the USA with the inauguration of the completed A220 commercial aircraft final assembly line (FAL) in Mobile, Alabama.

The 270,000-square-foot facility will produce both the A220-100 and A220-300 variants, with five primary assembly stations where major airframe component assemblies come together to create completed aircraft.

On 19 May, Airbus’ production team in Mobile marked another milestone, welcoming the first component assemblies destined to become an A220 for JetBlue. This low-cost carrier will be the second airline customer to receive US-built A220s when its first aircraft is delivered in late 2020.

“The team is excited to start working in their new facility and to welcome a new customer,” said Paul Gaskell, president of A220 USA and head of the A220 programme in Mobile. “It’s a strong endorsement from JetBlue in this challenging time.”

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