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Cabin Crew is a certified course of min. 11 months duration. The Air hostess also known as cabin crew /Air steward plays an important role on the image of any airline. They are responsible for the comfort of the passengers, welfare and safety of the passengers on board. Cabin crew plays an important role in the airlines. Well every passenger deserves a magnificent customer service from airlines. Being an Air hostess is also about ensuring the safety of the aircraft by ensuring that passengers adhere to the security norms. In-cabin crew Course, students are put through extensive training to ensure that they are well-prepared to handle their job responsibilities. Therefore, for making this possible, airlines hire Cabin Crew. India will be opening 100 new airports. So, choosing career as a cabin crew will be beneficial for young students.

Image by Ayo Ogunseinde

Rashmi Sura

My dream of working in a government airline has come true. I am now working in Air India which is a government company. Thank you Udaan Federal Aviation Academy & Mentors for making it happens.

Image by Daniel Apodaca


If you are looking for aviation training institute in India, then Udaan Federal Aviation Academy  is the right & best place for you. I am a cabin crew because of my training and support of my teachers & UFAA.

Image by Michael Dam

Bidisha Roy

Achievement of my dream would not have been possible without persistence encouragement and intensive training by Udaan Federal Aviation Academy. Best in Aviation.

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