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Fortnightly Newspaper

PERCEPTIVE MINDS, is a Fortnightly NEWSPAPER with healthy frequency for Youngsters to receive the knowledge along with their daily study Routine.


PERCEPTIVE MINDS publish news, current affairs, fun activities, innovative puzzles and games for refreshing the mind along with expanding analytical and logical thinking which is 360-degree education to carve intelligence beyond IQ in a balanced way intended to be seeped in with passion and innovation which keeps upgrading child’s Intelligent, Emotional, Adverse and Creative Quotients. demanding course in India/ Abroad 


We try to give insightful articles from Experts of different fields like Sports, finance, Science, technology, career guidance, English language skills, soft skills, personality development and many more. We consider acknowledging children’s achievements boost them emotionally and inspires others too. We nurture young minds by showcasing creativity and imagination of our readers. Poems, Artwork, Short stories written by the students will be published in this educational periodical.

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PERCEPTIVE MINDS is a science journal for youngsters. We believe “Knowledge is Power” said by Sir Francis Bacon. Knowledge promotes open-mindedness and equips us to face challenges of life in a balanced way. In Today’s World there are various sources to acquire knowledge. In this era of explosion of information, we take the challenge to provide curated and suitable information exchange for tender minds to attain all round development. PERCEPTIVE MINDS is a venture to engage children with fun, inspiring and empowering news, that can help scale their thought process to THE newer heights.


Our mission is to cultivate reading habit at a young age.


To empower children with broad spectrum of knowledge, intelligence, values and contribute our bit to nurture them into well-rounded persons and responsible citizens.


We make every sincere effort to bring all the relevant and inspiring news to nurture young minds into responsible citizens which is building block for every progressive society.


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PERCEPTIVE MINDS always aims to help parents and schools in our common goal to nurture young minds to attain their all-round development. Perceptive Minds is not just a Fortnightly newspaper enjoyed by everyone above 5 years, it is to be viewed as a launch pad for children’s creative and curious urges to be thrive naturally. It’s a venture to engage children with fun, inspiring articles and empowering news that help in 360-degree development of Children.

Does your kid have a spark of creativity? We are here to foster it.

Let’s encourage our little ones to Read, to write and to draw with PERCEPTIVE MINDS.

  • Is your kid passionate to write?

  • Let’s show case their talent in PERCEPTIVE MINDS

  • Send us their verbal and pictorial creativity that is

    • Poems

    • Short Stories / Articles

    • Painting / Sketches

Mail us on:,

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